Prestressed Concrete Box Beams

A staple in the Prestressed Concrete beam market, the box beam continues to demonstrate its flexibility by providing design options using boxes in an adjacent arrangement with either a cast-in-place concrete deck or an asphalt paved surface or a spread arrangement with stay-in-place forming and a poured concrete deck.

Box beams are fabricated with void material using preformed cellular polystyrene that meets the requirements of ASTM-C578, Type 1.  Void forms are watertight and resistant to breakage and deformation during concrete placement. Because the void is polystyrene, virtually any size or shape can be accommodated to meet project needs.

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Prestressed Concrete I-Beams

The AASHTO Type VI modified beam shape was the workhorse for long span prestressed concrete bridges until advancements in concrete material properties lead to the more economic Bulb-T beam shape.  This AASHTO beam section is still specified on some bridge projects and NPP has committed to maintaining the tooling required to continue to fabricate these beams.  Currently the maximum beam length of the AASHTO Type VI (modified) is 165 feet using conventional design. 

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Prestressed Concrete Bulb Tees

The PCEF Bulb T beam was developed by the FHWA Prestressed Concrete Committee for Economical Fabrication.  The beam was developed to be a structurally equivalent substitution to the New England Bulb T (NEBT).  NPP fabricates the PCEF beam (as it was developed by the FHWA), the PennDOT modified PA BT, and the NYSDOT modified Deck Bulb T.

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Custom Products

Northeast Prestressed Products, LLC has the experience and capability to create custom precast / prestressed concrete products according to your specifications. Some examples are, but not limited to, a total precast solution with cofferdams, pier columns, pier caps, precast diaphragms, and precast deck panels for use with an ASSHTO or Bulb tee girders superstructure, or any combination of aesthetic finish from form lining to pigmentation. The choices are almost limitless while still allowing for economy and speed of construction.

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Skid Beam Rental

NPP has two different skid beam sizes for rental.

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Rebar Supply

Northeast Prestressed Products, LLC. will cut, bend, and deliver reinforcing bars to your jobsite.

Heavy Hauling

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