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I certify that all information provided in this employment application is true and complete. I understand that any false or misleading information or omission will disqualify me from further consideration for emploment and may result in my dismissial if I am employed. I authorize NPP to investigate any and all information contained in this aplication and to make inquiry of such individuals or organizations as it believes necessary to confirm such information. I authorize anyone possessing this information to furnish it to NPP upon request and I release anyone so authorized, along with NPP, from all liability and damages whatsoever in furnishing, obtaining or using said information. I understand that, as a condition of employment, I may be required to successfully complete a pre-placement medical examination, including a drug screening urinalysis. In connection with any such examination, I agree to provide NPP, or it's medical representative, with access to my medical records as required, and as may be deemed necessary to judge my capabilites to carry out the essential functions of the position for which I am applying. If employed, I understand and agreee that my employment is at will, and may be terminated by me or by NPP, at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice.